Develop the right mindset and the right attitude and the way you experience your life will change.

When you practice positive thinking, you develop a mental attitude that admits words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success.

Ultimate Mindset Planner

The Power of a Positive Mindset…

This planner (originally titled “Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner”) is designed to help you develop habits and a practice of having a positive attitude.

Life has many challenges and stressors – and it is profoundly easy to get swept up and lose yourself in a barrage of negativity.  (#BeenThereDoneThat) Choosing a positive attitude does not always come naturally – but in order to make anything look easy, it takes practice.  And that is why we created the Ultimate Mindset Planner. We wanted an everyday tool to help people create a habit of positivity.

Visualization & Mindset Worksheets

  • IDENTIFYING YOUR DESIRE / MINDMAP – Sounds easy, right? But, most people are not very good at knowing what they do want, however, they are very good at identifying what they don’t want. Our worksheets/exercises encourage you to open up, dream and be playful with your visions As you do this, write whatever comes to your mind. Allow only good thoughts and feelings to flow.
  • VISION DESIGN – We attract into our lives what we give our attention, energy and focus to. At this stage, you intentionally visualize how you would like things to be. Afterwards, you allow yourself to feel the feeling of that belief being fulfilled. You want to have unwavering faith that what you desire is coming to YOU… This step will teach you how to do just that, simply by learning how to choose your words.
  • ALLOW IT: WORDS MATTER – You can achieve success like this in anything to which you apply these principals. Every day, continue to receive and FEEL the positive energy and emotions flow through, so you can live in a state of constant allowing and receiving for your highest good. A state of continual success.

Accountability & Accomplishment Tracking

  • WEEKLY RECAP– a guided reflection of your accomplishments, prospecting and other areas that you want to improve.
  • MONTHLY OUTLOOK – this is the big sister to the weekly recap, geared towards helping you plan out your month. Oh – and we have also included a monthly challenge. Your business will grow quickly when you get out of your comfort zone.
  • ANNUAL RECAP – this is the year-end review, and the prerequisite for planning for 2017.

Weekly Layout

  • MONDAY – SUNDAY appointment calendar broken down into hour blocks.
  • INSPIRED ACTIONS – 1-2-3! Every single night before you lay your pretty little head on your pillow and dream about that yacht life, write down tomorrow’s top 3 action items. Think about action items that inspire you and give you a feeling success, especially as they move you closer to your long term goals
  • IT WILL FEEL GREAT WHEN I –  This is basically your weekly to-do list. Except we want you to think of it a different way – instead of looking at a list of chores, we want you to think about the things that you need to accomplish and focus on how great it will feel with you accomplish them.
  • GRATITUDE LIST  – This is to help you develop an attitude of gratitude. Sure that might be a cliche- but only because it works. Developing a habit of appreciation will help you look at your life from a place of abundance instead of scarcity.
  • FEELING VORTEX  – One major component in manifesting abundance is to developing a positive mindset – and the key to doing this is learning to acknowledge our good feelings as well as what the things that triggered those good feelings. Some weeks this will be easy and obvious on weeks where this is more challenging, use this space to write affirmations

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