Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Your purchase will be processed and shipped 1-2 business days after placing an order, unless the book is a pre-order or an international order. We ship almost all of our orders via USPS Priority Mail which arrive to take 2-3 (business) days.  When we process your order – it means that we create the shipping label, packing slip, then pack up your order and schedule a USPS pickup. If you placed an order over the weekend, your items will be processed and shipped out on Monday.

For international orders, unfortunately  we can’t guarantee when these books will arrive because customs and shipping delays can sometimes hold up the process. The expected delivery range we are given is 7-21 days. (However

Please Note – Currently we (Rachel and Elaine) are fulfilling all orders ourselves, by hand, from our respective living rooms 🙂 Sometimes orders will go out the same/next business day, but if we are hit with a sudden large volume that time (1-2 business days) might increase.  If you are curious you can learn more about us here

What is your Return/Exchange Policy

We are truly confident that you will absolutely LOVE and benefit from our planners, we offer all our customers a 5 day return policy.
If for some reason, your planner is not what you hoped it would be, simply email at support@theultimateplanners.com within 5 days of receiving it to let us know you’ll be returning the item. Once we receive the unused item back in resellable condition, we will happily refund your purchase price minus the shipping/handling and a restocking fee.  Items returned for a refund must be returned in new condition with original packaging and contents. Read our Refund Policy Term & Conditions.

RETURN/EXCHANGE Policy Exceptions: Offer not available on sale items.

Please return items to:

The Ultimate Planners
PO 5205
Hopkins, MN 55305

Help! My item is damaged!
If your order is damaged from shipping or may have an error, please contact us within 10 days of delivery. Depending on the damage, damaged items may be reprinted or replaced with the exact same style item. In some cases, we will provide a return label to return the item so we can review and use as feedback with our continued growth.
Can I customize my planner?
Typically, we work with companies or organizations that wish to utilize one of our Ultimate Planners concept for their employees, members or consultants using their branding and logo. If you want your logo embossed on the front cover – a minimum order of 200 is required. If you desire interior customization then an order of 1000 copies or more is necessary. If this is something you are interested in, we would be happy to set up a call to speak with you about your requirements.
Help! I submitted a report/email, got a confirmation e-mail and haven't heard back.

Please send all support related inquiries to support@theultimateplanners.com (or general inquiries to hello@theultimateplanners.com)

At present we are a small 2-person company, and we do everything in our power to respond to all emails within 24 hours. However, If you submitted a report /email more than 72 hours ago, and have not received a response from one of our agents, we apologize. Please can follow up by replying to that same e-mail, which will keep all our communication within the same case/thread. (we have had the occasional email wind up in our spam filter)

If you submit a new e-mail/report, it will generate a separate case number, which will be added to the queue. As we address cases on a case-by-case basis, this may delay our response time. Thank you for your patience! We hope to help you soon!

What is the difference between the Ultimate Agent Planner® and the Ultimate Mindset Planner®?

The Ultimate Agent Planner® was specifically for a Realtor’s daily work related tasks in mind. Its great for keeping track of your goals, pipeline, prospecting, etc.

The Ultimate Mindset Planner® (originally title the Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner) was created to help develop habits of mindfulness and positivity. It includes space for gratitude lists, intentions journaling, self care reflection, and vision design worksheets

How did you come up with the Ultimate Agent Planner®?

The Ultimate Agent Planner® is the brainchild of Dallas REALTOR, and Ultimate Planners founder, Elaine Harper. Elaine had always been a stationery junkie, collecting notebooks and unique planners and spending waaaaay too much money on day planners, Post-it notes, highlighters, and pens since day one of her real estate career.

Elaine became obsessed with trying to find the perfect planner for Real Estate Agents, however none of the planners she found were designed to keep track of goals, prospects, pipeline, listings, etc. So she added sticky notes to every page and make it a jumbled, coded mess that only she could understand. Eventually she started using blank spiral notebooks that she would draw the layout she was needing. In early 2013, Elaine shared these hand drawn planners with Rachel, who then worked her InDesign magic and the Ultimate Agent Planner® was born.

How did you come up with the Ultimate Mindset Planner®?

After designing the Ultimate Agent Planner®, Rachel was jealous – she had two options, either she can start a new career as a Real Estate Agent or she can design a new planner that is custom to her daily, weekly, and monthly needs.

Rachel had been studying/learning the Law of Attraction (LOA) for 6+ years – but had been struggling with applying the techniques and exercises into her everyday life – thus she decided that she would create the Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner. Like Elaine, Rachel had a nearly hoarder-level collection of notebooks, post it notes, three-ring binders, tabs, and other miscellaneous stationery accessories. Rachel would also draw her own layout in

Rachel changed the name of the Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner to the Ultimate Mindset Planner®, somewhat last minute – after Rachel realized that she did not really use LOA to attract fame, riches, or worldly successes – that to LOA was really more about learning how to master her mindset. Rachel used the LOA techniques (mindfulness) as a way to control her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To Rachel, these exercises became grounding techniques she used to combat PTSD after surviving a violent trauma.

Why is the Ultimate Mindset Planner® UNDATED?

We toyed with it being dated vs. undated and ultimately decided an undated version was best as a first edition launch (especially our target market as it allows one to start and stop as they wish). The Ultimate Mindset Planner® was also brought to market a bit later than our Ultimate Agent Planner® – we started designing the Ultimate Agent Planner® over 3 years ago while the Ultimate Mindset Planner® was born in 2016!

We’ll most likely date it for 2018.

Do you have a planner for Insurance Agents / Mortgage Brokers / ?

Not yet – but we have several editions that we plan on writing in the near future.  Fill out our Suggestion Box if you have an Ultimate Planner idea that you would like us to consider & potentially design

I placed a preorder. When can I expect it to ship?

A pre-order means that we are still creating your book! By placing a pre-order, you are reserving your copy, and it will be sent as soon as the book is hot off the printers. Usually, the expected ship date of the pre-order is listed in the product description. Our goal for all 2018 Planners is to have them in stock by mid-September