I have been debating it for a while – and I have finally decided that we needed to rename The Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner to The Ultimate Mindset Planner.

From the day I started learning about Law of Attraction, I have thought of the term as synonymous as ‘mindset’. The idea behind mindfulness and positive mindset made so much sense to me.  Looking back – when I would tell my friends about Law of Attraction, many of them would look at me quizzically, and I would explain how having positive visualization and a positive mindset helps you attract more of what you want/need in order to be happy.

The more that I thought (and discussed) about WHY I created this planner – the more it dawned on me that it was more about developing habits and retraining our brains so that we can eliminate fear and damaging self-talk. When I started working on this planner. I was designing a product that would help me mitigate and control the range of emotions and thoughts that come along with PTSD. Is my PTSD cured? Am I always positive now?  No,  but having a mindset tool has helped me make significant progress.

In case you didn’t know – here are 11 benefits that manifest when you develop a positive mindset:

  1. A more worthwhile life: the more you add positive value to your life with positive thinking, the more worthwhile life is for you
  2. Greater confidence: the more you believe you can achieve things (a common form of positive thinking), the more self-confidence you have
  3. Higher self-esteem: the more value you see in yourself with positive thinking, the higher your sense of self-worth
  4. More happiness and enjoyment: the more positive value that you see in life, the happier you become, and the more you enjoy life
  5. Feeling stronger: as your confidence and self-esteem increases due to positive thinking, you also feel stronger and more powerful
  6. More energy: positive thinking often motivates and energizes you to achieve things
  7. More peace of mind: the better you feel overall with positive thinking, the more peace of mind you have
  8. More success: having more energy, more self-esteem, and more self-confidence leads to more success
  9. More enjoyable interactions with others: the more you enjoy life and value yourself, the more you tend to enjoy social interactions
  10. Better sleep & health: more peaceful, positive emotions = less stressful, negative emotions that can take a physical toll on your body; the result is you enjoy the health benefits of positive thinking, including better quality of sleep
  11. Greater clarity of mind: since you have a choice, it makes sense to think in valid, acceptable positive ways that benefit you rather than in negative ways that hurt you; this is a benefit of positive thinking well worth considering