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How it all started… “wanting more”

Hello! Thanks for visiting the Ultimate Planners® website and taking the time to explore. I’m Elaine and this whole project started with me wanting more. But then again, that’s the story of my life 🙂

I’ve been a licensed, active Realtor® in Texas since 2005. I made it through the crash, barely, but made it nonetheless. During the slowest and worst times of the downturn I took a part-time position as an Account Executive for a magazine advertising firm in Plano. That’s where I met and became friends with Rachel. Truthfully, it’s the only good thing that came from taking that position. But I digress…

From the very 1st day of my real estate career I’ve been using day planners to keep track of appointments and to write notes, etc. I have ten years of past planners that I refuse to throw away because they hold so much valuable information, I’m afraid I’ll need them some day. The only problem with these planners was that they were basically only appointment trackers. They weren’t designed to keep track of goals, prospects, my pipeline, listings, etc. So I’d just add sticky notes to every page and make it a jumbled, coded mess that only I could understand. Eventually I just started using blank spiral notebooks that I would basically draw the layout I was needing. That failed, too because it was so much work!

A little over three years ago, I approached Rachel and begged her to help me create this layout that I could have printed and bound. I was willing to pay her for her design time to create this planner just for my personal use. But then something really awesome happened. Rachel created it and I fell in love. So did other agents. Colleagues of mine saw it and asked for copies. I happily handed them out to anyone that asked. But then a very successful friend of mine said, “Print these and sell them. You’re not the only agent that needs this.” And so we did! It’s been a whirlwind since then.

Of course, there have been so many hiccups along the way, getting us to the point of where we have the Ultimate Agent Planner© in our hands today! And in yours by November 2016! We’ve perfected the layout, the challenges and even the colors; we tested numerous printers, cover materials and the interior paper for the last 18 months so that by the time you’re holding your planner, it’s the most ideal version we could’ve hope for.

During our journey, Rachel was at a crossroads, she was searching for her passion while overcoming some personal struggles that led her to “want more.” She truly believes the Golden Rule is a way of life and intentionally practices “do unto others” every day. As Rachel & I were designing and creating the Ultimate Agent Planner©, she became inspired to create a planner that tapped to her dreams and visions.

As Rachel was dutifully tending to her career, her daughter and to finding herself again, she felt the urge to help other women whom may have experienced various traumas, or whom might be feeling similarly lost in their lives. Because Rachel practices positive reinforcements and strongly believes in the Law of Attraction, she unfolded her desire to help others control their destiny with the Ultimate Mindset Planner©. I personally couldn’t be more proud of all that Rachel has overcome to be here today, stronger than ever before 🙂 While she’s been the most pivotal part of helping my vision come to life, she found her passion. And it’s beautiful!

Fast forward to today… Together we’ve created two planners that we’re both equally passionate about. We feel both lines of the Ultimate Planners® will benefit the user that is hungry and ready to find their success, to achieve their goals, and to dream bigger than ever before. We have several additional lines/versions that we’ve been inspired to create. Stay tuned to see what we roll out next, and of course, we’re always excited to hear your feedback and suggestions for future editions. Stay positive, believe in yourself and DREAM BIG! And at the end of the day, it’s okay to want more.

Elaine <3




Elaine Harper

Founder & Creator of Ultimate Agent Planner©

I’m a planner obsessed Dallas based Realtor that is so fed up with not having a daily organizer that really fits my real estate selling needs. So I created my own.  I’ve been in the real estate business for more than a decade, but my real passion is marketing and drinking champagne. Really, really good champagne. Cheers!